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About Sean Dollinger

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Sean graduated from Centennial High School making the Deans list and went on to be accepted to prestigious Marianopolis College in Business.

While attending College he would work on multiple business ideas, from starting his own Baseball School, to delivering food and working in multiple restaurant environments working as a water, deliveries and in the Kitchen. He would also spend his Summers working for Hampstead Public Works which taught him many valuable lessons…


Team Up

Sean is always looking for people to team up with. He believes everyone has great ideas but knows people have trouble bringing the idea to life.

Having an experienced business creator like Sean on your side can help.

From restaurants to online businesses to building Sean is happy to become a partner or just act as a consultant.

Get in touch to find out how.

The Company’s Edge

The edge Sean Dollinger has over others is that he does not just give advice and sits back. He has been active in over 10 successful businesses which multiple ones have sold for returns of over 1000+ times the original investment.

Sean’s strength is identifying products which there are a need for and getting businesses started with minimal amounts of funds. With the Dollinger Enterprises network turn around times to get new ventures off the ground are a fraction of what anyone else can do in the same fields.